Does Meditation Change Your Life?

Who does not want to be healthy? Nowadays, people’s craze for fitness has also increased.

Even the great leaders and celebrities of the country are often seen talking about health in his speeches. They also do yoga regularly. Yoga is becoming very popular in many countries. The increasing craze for fitness has made it a worth business crore.

In fact, due to the changing standard of living, peace of mind is lost somewhere. This pattern of working round the clock made employment opportunities good. But, in return, snatched peace and tranquillity. Today almost every human being is suffering from a particular disease called stress. In the name of getting rid of it, there are various types of frauds. Meditation and yoga are advised to all. It is beneficial to some extent, as well.

How effective is Meditation in relieving stress?

In 1971, American Army soldier Stephen Isles was distraught when he returned home from the Vietnam War. War broke him psychologically.

He was surrounded by strange discomfort. Then a friend advised him to meditate. He benefited to some extent by meditating. But today, even after so many years, the terrible memories of the war continue to haunt him. Stephen says that he was relieved to a great extent by meditating, but not completely relieved of stress.

It is a kind of disease called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder i.e. PTSD. The disease was identified by the Los Angeles Medical Center in the year 2000. It is believed that many types of meditation work as a panacea for the victims of anxiety and stress.

Mindfulness meditation is a kind of Meditation which is very much in practice these days. It has made a stronghold in the health market. Today meditation has become a multi-million dollar business. Under this meditation practice, one has to focus on the present situation. However, it is not yet clear how relaxed the mind gets by this practice. Though the practice of Meditation is thousands of years old, psychologists and doctors of the brain started in-depth research on this a few decades ago.

What is Mindfulness Therapy?

Many studies prove that Meditation relieves all kinds of stress. The patient’s dependence on drugs is reduced. Based on these researches, many types of therapy have been started. One of these therapies is Mindfulness-Best Cognitive Therapy.

In this therapy, with psychotherapy and Meditation, the patient’s thinking is controlled, which causes his stress. However, no research has been done on the impact of Meditation like medical research yet. Instead, more research has been done on the direct effects of Meditation.

It is difficult to say that Meditation affects the way we work. Nevertheless, the effect of this is climbing the heads of the people. The main reason for stress is to keep thinking all the time. Most of the time, people think of something or the other. They remember old things and keep accounting for them, and are worried about preparing for tomorrow.

Brain peace is related to daily life.

Research conducted in 2010 when 2250 people were asked about their daily routine. So, it was found that 47 per cent of the people keep wandering here and there, which leads them to sadness. Whereas by focusing on any one point in Meditation, the mind is freed from all kinds of thinking.

American psychologist David Cresswell has written in the Annual Review of Psychology, citing many research in 2003 that brain relaxation is related to our daily life. As such, mention of Meditation is found in almost all religions. However, it has a deep connection with Buddhism.

It is believed in Buddhism that Meditation frees us from all the world’s miseries and leads us to spirituality. Creswell has understood the scientific and religious aspects of Meditation. He says that Meditation, from a religious perspective, gives us comfort. The waist has to be kept straight while meditating. Due to this, the body gets a little trouble, but the mind gets relaxed. At the same time, there is no evidence from the point of view of science.

How much Meditation can affect the mind?

Doctors of the brain have also researched how much the effects of Meditation can have on the brain. According to them, even though the brain’s development stops at an age, there are always changes in its size, type and nerves. As a human learns new skills, his mind changes accordingly. New nerves keep adding to it. But how permanent the changes from Meditation are, it is difficult to say.

Researcher Bretta Hallzl of the Technical University of Munich in Germany and Sarah Lazar, a researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital, USA, says that Meditation helps strengthen the memory part of the brain. Professor King says that for those who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, i.e. PTSD, Meditation works as a medicine.

However, if they are also being treated, then Meditation cannot replace medicines. Meditation is support for them. They also say that there is no need to go to any classroom for Meditation. Meditation is called Meditation. And this can also be done sitting at home. So far, the results of the research that has come out, one thing can be said clearly on the basis that Meditation helps in relieving stress. But how effective it is for our overall mental health, it is difficult to say.

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