Get Rid of Your Bad Habits with Meditation

From chewing nails to always playing with our phones to avoid work, don’t we all have some common or weird habits we want to be free from? So don’t worry, it’s not too late to do so!

There is something that can help you, something that many young people are doing these days, and they have shared that they are benefiting.

Let’s take a look at some of the habits that few youths have shared and how to deal with them.

I keep expecting other people to praise me.

Suppose you give a college presentation. Nobody says anything extraordinary in their praise; Not because they did not like your presentation, probably they liked it, but they didn’t express their feelings. Do you ask people how it was, hoping that someone would say some good words?

When someone praises you, it is very natural to be happy. Especially as a youth, we feel that ‘Tell the world, I am great’. It is good to experience, but do we always need reassurance from people that we are doing good? Somewhere we know that we are right. Is not it? All we need is some relaxation and rejuvenation.

Regular meditation gives you relaxation, making you so confident that you don’t need any praise from anyone. When it is not right, it makes you aware of your faults and then you can go back and correct things.

Suggestion: The time when no one is praising you, praise yourself.

I want people to work my way.

Suppose you are discussing a project with your colleagues and everyone comes up with different ideas. Do you have a strong desire to convince them that your thoughts will work best?

Or suppose you and your friends decide to dine outside together. Now since only you want all your friends to go to your favourite restaurant, do you start to justify your choice by saying, “Dude this is close, we are in our budget too, and food is good also. I tell you that this is the best choice right now. “

And this intense desire to get people to work in their way comes mostly from the feeling that ‘only what I say or do is right or best’. And only when we want people to do it, when we want everything to be done in our way. Is not that so?

Okay, don’t worry! You can easily take care of this habit. All you have to do is to accept the view of others. You need to trust them for their way of thinking and keep your mind open for their thoughts.

The good news is that meditating will help you with this.

When you meditate regularly, you will be surprised to find yourself more friendly. The quality of acceptance will help you in the long run. You will become an outstanding team leader.

Suggestion – Next time you want people to do things in their way, ask yourself: If people want to be angry with me, will I like it?

I am always meaningless with my phone even when I am in the middle of 10 people.

Are you smiling reading this?

Suppose you are eating and drinking with your friends in your favourite restaurant. Meanwhile, you must have picked up your phone many times to check your notifications, Whatsapp messages, or Facebook likes.

Have you noticed that you are only partially with your friends and more on your phone? When you are in a group, you are not fully aware of what your friends are talking about. One of the main reasons for this is the feeling that you cannot live without your phone even for a few minutes!

Regular practice of meditation gives you the ability to be in that moment and enjoy it to the fullest. That moment can be anything, walking with your friends or watching television. It does not mean that you do not use your phone at all, but only when needed.

Suggestion– When you are with people, if you are unnecessarily busy with your phone, then at that time you must ask yourself: ‘Is it essential right now?’ And if it is not, you will put it back in your pocket by yourself and be with your people at that time.

Isn’t it amazing how meditation can help us break free from any of our habits! Okay, what are you waiting for then?

Meditation not only gives you deep relaxation but also keeps you from going towards bad habits. A 20-minute meditation keeps your body and mind balanced.

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