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How to Make New Friends Easily & Keep Them Forever

Making new friends can be intimidating, but it’s rewarding. After all, friends form a big part of our life for most of us. They are the ones who walk through life together, share our ups and downs and pains and joys. Without friends, life wouldn’t be the same at all. We wouldn’t be who we are if not for them.

And so here is some advice on making new friends:

1) Be yourself – The first step towards making good new friends is discovering the real you. Each of us has different interests and ways of living; having people around you with shared values makes communicating more accessible and more natural. It gives many opportunities to introduce your friends to your interests and vice versa, so discover who you are!

2) Don’t judge – It’s important not to prejudge others. Sometimes our first impressions aren’t the right ones, which is why judging people can be wrong. Everyone has their own story, values, and opinions; don’t make assumptions about someone until you get to know them better.

3) Be open-minded – Look at everything with curious eyes rather than critical ones. Having an open mind means you look closely at things without assuming or jumping to conclusions. You are interested in learning new things every day because life is an adventure full of surprises! So keep exploring, keep asking questions…and keep being open-minded.

4) Don’t get discouraged – There is more than one way of making friends. It might take time and effort, but you can do it in many different ways: join a student society or sports team in college, go to a public place in your neighbourhood, volunteer with a charity in the city…the options are endless!

5) Be brave – It’s ok not to know everything. Some things require experience before we understand them better. To make new friends, sometimes we have to be brave and start from zero. Opening up is difficult at first, especially if you are shy by nature. But slowly, you will become more comfortable around people, and new experiences allow us to grow as individuals.

6) Be positive – When you are open-minded, curious and brave, new friends can’t help but want to be around you. You bring joy into their lives, and they get the same joy into yours. So if someone is rejecting your attempts at friendship just because you don’t know them that well yet, then that’s not a good reason not to give it another try!

7) Don’t force it – If it is meant to be, friends will find each other no matter what. Let things flow naturally rather than forcing them or trying too hard. In life, there are many opportunities for us to meet people we click with. No matter how long it takes – as long as you are positive, open-minded and brave – good friends will be there when you need them.

8) Try to see things from their perspective – One way of making sure that we don’t judge others is by finding out how the other person feels about a situation. Maybe they were in a hurry because they had an important meeting at work, or perhaps they didn’t even notice you…you never know until you try to understand the other person.

9) Appreciate your time alone – It can also be healthy to spend some time alone with yourself. This might not be easy for everyone, but we all need some time away from people, so take advantage of it! You can go shopping and treat yourself to something nice, watch your favorite movie, listen to some music you like. Sometimes your friends can’t be there for you when you need them the most – that’s just part of life.

10) Don’t worry about being too quiet or loud – Everyone has their comfort zone. Some people feel overwhelmed in big groups, while others are talkative and confident even in large audiences. That doesn’t mean one person is better than another; it all comes down to personal preference! Be yourself and act according to what makes you comfortable (and please don’t be rude).

11) Make new memories together – At the end of the day, making new friends is about the memories we create and share. It’s about the fun we have, the laughter we make and the love we spread – that’s what life is all about. So don’t be afraid of trying new things or meeting different people – you will never know where it might lead!

12) Figure out what you have in common – The best way to bond with someone is by finding shared interests between two people. We are usually attracted to people who do the same things as us or have similar ideas. But remember: not everything has to be perfect before being able to work. Sometimes it takes time for friendships to develop, so enjoy spending time together and go from there…

13) Get involved – Volunteering can be a great way to meet new people. Everyone has something to give, so it doesn’t matter your interests or how much time you have. You can help out at your local soup kitchen, bring food to the elderly, plant flowers in a park…If you already do this, why not try working with animals?

14) Be good – When we do good things for others, they often want nothing more than our happiness. They read between the lines and know when we need help – so let them know! And if someone is being kind to you, even if it seems small…hug them! Because giving feels excellent and appreciating a lot of effort from someone is always nice.

15) Respect differences – Of course, differences are a good thing – they make life enjoyable! But it’s important to remember that sometimes people have been through different things from us, and their experiences might have shaped the way they see things. Just because we see something differently doesn’t mean one person is right or wrong. If everyone had the same opinions, then what would be the point of talking anyway?

16) Listen properly – Sometimes we need someone to listen more than we need someone to give advice, but good friends will do both sometimes. If you don’t know what to say and feel like an awkward silence took over, just ask: “Do you want me to listen or help with anything else?”

17) Don’t be afraid to ask for help – We all need a little helping hand in certain situations, especially when we’re new. It is always good to know that if you ever need some help, there will always be someone who has your back.

18) Always make time for each other – There are many people in our lives, but not all of them deserve to be treated like friends.

It is easy to make friends with the right person at the right time, so don’t let anyone try taking advantage just because they want something from you. Don’t put up with rudeness or disrespectful behaviour. And lastly, please don’t neglect the most critical person in this entire article: yourself.

19) Make friends for life – Even if you drift apart from some people, that doesn’t mean they weren’t crucial while they were in your life. We all change and grow over time, and sometimes we outgrow each other too. That doesn’t make them bad people! We should always care about our past and not be so quick to forget…after all, many of the best times of our lives happened because of them.

20) Stay strong – You can get through anything with a bit of help from your friends. Sometimes it might feel like everything is going wrong, and nobody could understand what you’re going through… but there will always be someone who loves you no matter what happens. Sometimes it’s the person you least expect, and other times it might be someone who feels like a stranger. Regardless, if you ever need help with anything or want to chat, there will always be someone willing to listen.

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