Take Risks

How to Overcome Your Biggest Fears and Take Risks

This is the first blog post in a series called “Take Risks to Change Your Life”, the key areas of risk that will give your life more meaning as you overcome them. I want to share these with you so we can do life together!

Daily personal development doesn’t happen by accident. It requires an intention to grow, a plan, and continual attention to the process.

The intent isn’t to achieve perfection; it’s about getting better each day as you attempt to reach your goals. How do you measure yourself?

What stops us from living a full life? A wide variety of things: lack of knowledge, negative thinking, fear, and bad habits, to name a few. These are all self-created obstacles that only you can break down. If you want to live a greater life, you need to take risks. By taking one risk a day, for 100 days, you’ll be amazed at how much more your life expands and grows as a result.

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Below are a few risks that have helped me grow as a better person:

Risk 1: Start Saying “I Do” To Change

We’re creatures of habit, and we like what’s familiar. We create comfort zones that we try to preserve, but change is inevitable, and it must happen if you want anything in life to grow or expand. You can’t keep doing the same things over and over again and expect different results! It doesn’t work that way.

When faced with change, humans will either run towards it or run away from it. But I know this much that you can’t live an average life if you’re standing still because everything around you will move forward.

You need the courage and conviction to do something different than before and commit to it 100% to change your life. It’s not easy and will take all of your energy and focus, but it’s worth it in the long term.

Risk 2: Say “I Love You” To Yourself

You must ditch negative thoughts about yourself right now! There is no such thing as perfection so stop expecting that from yourself…or anyone else. Are those high standards working for you? Are they helping or hurting your relationships with others?

The most powerful thing you can do is treat yourself with respect and love. It will create a ripple effect in your life that cannot be compared to anything else.

Risk 3: Stop Saying “I Can’t.”

The word CAN’T has the most powerful negative impact on any human being’s life, more so than even the most severe diseases or conditions! We say it so often we don’t even notice we’re doing it any longer…but others around us do, and they feel our concern and dread when we say it. So STOP saying it! Stop thinking about what might go wrong and just focus on all the great things that might happen if you take this next step in life. There is no such risk too big at this point.

Risk 4: Stop Being Afraid Of The UnKNOWN

There’s so much more to life than what we see on the surface. We can’t explain everything, even though we try with our science and technology…but there are so many things out there that will amaze you if you allow it to happen. You need to spend some time outside your house and away from all of your distractions. Take yourself on a date, act like it’s your first one with each other! Maybe go ride some swings or build something out of blocks together? It doesn’t matter as long as you’re enjoying yourselves. Life is better with an abundance of joy!

Risk 5: Say “I’m Sorry” To All Those Who Hurt You

People who find the strength to apologize are more likely to build or maintain meaningful relationships. When you let go of your ego and take full responsibility for a mistake, it gives others room to forgive you…and then it allows those around you to close that chapter with what happened and learn from the experience with you. It’s so empowering! If anything bad has ever happened between two people, now is the time to say, “I’m sorry.” Even if it’s years later, imagine how much better off everyone will be as a result.

Risk # 6: Say I Love You To All Those Who Have Said It To You First

I love you is said so often in our lives; we forget its power over us. Say it more! And only say it when you mean it! It’s so powerful because of its simplicity…if you can find the courage to love someone with no strings attached, then you might be ready for greatness in your life. You’ll learn what it means to give your heart away and never get it back again truly. But isn’t that how most of us want our relationships? Our hearts can handle giving it all away if we know there is love on the other side.

Risk 7: Put Your Name On Everything You Create

If you’re putting something out into this world under any name, make sure that it’s YOURS! Don’t put anything out there unless you’re proud enough to stand behind it. If you care about what you’re creating, then don’t be afraid to claim it as your own. There is one problem though…it must be something you actually believe in or at least can stand behind daily.

Risk # 8: Ask For Help

How many people have a genuine relationship with someone who will call on them for help? Sadly, we all know so few of those people, but the truth is, they exist! Whether it’s business-related or not, no one gets anywhere alone. So ask for help! Your goal should always be to find more of those relationships and expand on them through time. People are dying to lend a hand, so try asking more often rather than less.

Risk 9: Go To Bed Early!

Our bodies love routine, and they work much better when we set a pattern as to what time we go to bed each night. But as you know, those moments can be difficult…they’re either right before our electronic devices start lighting up with all the new things that have arrived in our inboxes or after a long period of daydreaming about how amazing tomorrow is going to be. Either way, it’s not easy starting the process of winding down every day, but do it anyway! You’ll find it easier and easier as days pass until it’s something you look forward to doing instead of dreading. There will always be exceptions from time to time, so don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do this right away.

Risk 10: Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

There is no point in comparing yourself to others because you never know how they feel about themselves deep down inside. Everyone has their struggles, and we live in a world where we tend to forget that sometimes…its not as glamorous as it seems on the other side of those glowing screens! So don’t judge people for what they choose to share with the public…better yet, celebrate them! Be happy for them and let them inspire you instead of making you feel like you’re less than who they are. And most importantly, blah, blah, blah…don’t compare yourself to others and stay focused on your goals!! You got this!

Risk 11: Make The Decision To Never Go Back

With all of that said, once you decide to take a risk and get your heart broken or your feelings hurt…you must decide not to go back. EVER! We need the courage to be willing to walk away from anyone or anything that brings us down! And then believe that we deserve nothing less than our best life ever!! It will come up in our lives from time to time, but we can’t keep going there if we want something better for ourselves.

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