Mindfulness is the way to be happy, learn about this therapy

If you always want to be happy, then the method of mindfulness is the best. Learn what it is and how it is done. Also, know what the benefit of mindfulness is.

Mindfulness is an excellent way always to be happy. Now you may be wondering what is this and how does it happen? Mindfulness is the therapy through which we create awareness about the events or situations happening inside us, around us. It is meditation in a way. The only difference is that instead of trying separately at a fixed time to meditate, we have to focus our moments in mindfulness wherever we are, and that moment is to feel and live fully.

It increases happiness

It is believed that by practicing the regular practice of mindfulness techniques, we learn to be happy. Actually, through this, we connect with the present moment and accept it. Does this eliminate the fear that what would have happened if this moment happened? Or did we want it? It didn’t happen like that. When we accept the truth, even bad conditions do not bother us. We assume that we cannot change this situation. Yes, you can change your reaction or response. By this, we gradually learn to accept and be happy in every condition.

Ways of mindfulness

  1. Mindful Breathing
  2. Mindful Listening
  3. Mindful Seeing
  4. Mindful Drawing
  5. Mindful Body Stretching

Benefits of mindfulness

  1. Relieve stress
  2. Increase in recall power
  3. Increased concentration
  4. Having emotional stability
  5. Increase the feeling of peace and happiness
  6. Decreased hyperactivity
  7. Reduced anger
  8. Increased ability to understand each other
  9. Increased decision-making capability
  10. Better sleep

How to do

Mindfulness therapy is straightforward to do. Wherever you are, you have to concentrate completely. For this, sit on a chair with a straight waist or sit on the ground after hitting a quartet:

  1. Pay attention to breath (at least 10 minutes)

Focus your attention on your breath. Feel the breath going in and out. Feel the breath fluctuations. Place one hand on the stomach and notice that when you breathe, the stomach goes outward, and when you exhale, the belly goes inward. You can also see that the breath is cold or hot. Whenever the meditation moves away from the breath, do not panic. It happens to everyone. Our mind is very fickle and does not remain constant in one place. But after disorientation, again, focus your mind on the breath. You should be aware of the breath, and whenever the mind wanders, return it and bring it back to the breath. While doing this, breathe normally. Do not breathe deeply.

What not to do:

  1. Put a finger under your nose to feel coldness or hotness in your breath.
  2. Do not pressure yourself if you cannot handle the coldness/warmth of the breath.
  3. Concentrate.

With constant practice, you will learn to focus on the breath. It is beneficial that in doing so, we can stabilize our minds slowly. With its regular exercise, we are able to balance our thoughts and feelings and become emotionally healthy.

  1. Listening attentively (at least 10 minutes)

During this process, shift your attention to the sounds coming from around you, such as the sound of a fan, the sound of traffic, the sound of someone talking, or any sound around. See what kind of sounds are coming, which are loud and which are slow? Which voice is coming from which direction? Which sound is continuously coming? Which is coming intermittently etc. Do not hold any prejudice while doing this practice, nor form any sort of opinion. I do not think that it would have been better if there were no sound. Accept the voice of all sides. Just focus on the voice. If your attention goes somewhere else by doing this practice, then become aware of it and slowly shift your focus back to the sounds around you.

What not to do: If the mind keeps going towards different voices, again and again, do not get upset, nor try to stop yourself from one voice. I do not think that it would have been better if there was no sound. It is beneficial that by paying attention to the sounds around you, we are aware of the present, and by continually practicing it we are training the focusing part of our mind. It trends us to do any work better. Better work saves us from criticisms and misery. Gives satisfaction and happiness.

  1. Attention (at least 10 minutes)

This means that whatever we are seeing, we see it in its proper form. See what you see around you? Notice one thing in turn. Observe the size and color of things. See whether the surface of the object is solid or soft, rough or smooth. Usually, when we see something, we make some assumptions and start judging right and wrong, good and bad. Do not do this.

If you start thinking about something good or bad while meditating, then be aware of it and take your attention to that thing’s real form.

What not to do: Do ​​not force your mind to focus on something, nor make an opinion about it. Whatever you see effortlessly, keep watching. The advantage is

Usually, we cannot pay attention to all the sides of anything, but by looking carefully, we can see all its sides.

I can see it protects us from unintentional mistakes. When we look at the problem holistically, the solutions are better. It makes us happy.

  1. Pay attention to thoughts (at least 10 minutes)

Our mind is very fickle. It always runs like a monkey. It isn’t easy to place it in one place, but this is what you have to do. Focus on the thoughts coming into your mind. We feel that our mind does not last a single moment during this practice and does not know how many ideas keep coming into our mind. Let the thoughts that come to mind come and go. Do not forcibly stop them, nor comment on them right/wrong, good/bad. If the mind gets entangled in thoughts, then take your attention back to your breath.

What not to do: Do ​​not force any thought on your mind, nor make any opinion about it. Regardless, it may be a favorable opinion.

Advantage: Due to its constant practice, the thoughts that come to mind become stable in some time. This helps you keep away negative thoughts, and this makes you happy.

  1. Pay attention to body stretch (about 2 minutes)

Stand up and pull your arms upwards. If sitting on a chair, pull your hands upwards while sitting. Then focus your attention on the components. Take care from fingers to shoulders. Then sit on the ground and spread your legs in front of you. If sitting on a chair, stretch your legs in the front. After this, focus on the feet to the ankles and the entire leg.

What not to do: Do ​​not rush in practice. Focus on hands and feet alternately.

Benefit: The body feels quicker by stretching the arms and legs. The mind is also stable. The agile and steady mind of the body makes you successful, and it brings happiness in life.

Finally, let sit for 2 minutes. You can keep your eyes closed or open as you wish. Keeping the eyes open, you can also look down. Do not think anything during this. Breathing is also normal. This period will help you return to normalcy. If there is no time, you can do any of these.

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