Life-Changing Lessons

Simple but Life-Changing Lessons I learned from Reddit

These are just simple little things that can help you out in your day-to-day life. The ones I found were mostly social and making friends, but some are about saving money or doing work better. I’ll comment on each one when appropriate, but most are pretty self-explanatory anyway. These life-changing lessons can make a drastic change in you life.

I’m not sure how original or novel these tips are, but there might be something here that you hadn’t thought of before. If nothing else, they should give you some ideas for new things to try with people around you. I found them interesting because this kind of thing isn’t discussed in the mainstream.

I’m hoping this article will spread some of these ideas and be helpful to someone who reads it!

1. Say yes to more invites 

This is when you get an invite for something, and you want to go but maybe can’t. Suppose it looks like a nice thing; say “yes” even if it might be inconvenient or require some effort on your part. You can always cancel later if need be, but this way, you have the opportunity to take the opportunity! ’til next time, stay awesome!

2. Think of everything you do as progress

I love this one just because I think about it all the time in various ways already. It forces you to see even mundane tasks as opportunities that are helping you get ahead in life. And getting ahead is what you want, right?

3. The weekend is where your future is built

This means that everything good that happens to you on the weekdays comes from something you did during workends. So don’t waste time off by just sitting on your butt and watching Netflix – get out there and do things!

4. Take pictures every day with your phone

I’m not sure how original this one is, but I find it useful, especially because of my smartphone camera. If nothing else, it’s a good way to keep track of how your life is going without having to remember or write stuff down everywhere. Oh yeah, and if you ever need a picture for an ID or other official-ish thing, having a lot of pictures you can choose from will help avoid awkwardness.

5. Be awesome to non-drinkers

You don’t have to drink or do drugs, and it doesn’t make you boring. Respect that if someone wants to hang out with you and don’t drink/do drugs! And if it turns out to be a dud of an evening because no one else drank or did anything – cut your losses and try again tomorrow (see tip 1 as well).

6. Ask this polite question in job interviews

If people seem like jerks during the interview, this question is an easy way to show them that you aren’t going to be a pushover and that you can dish it out too. It shows that you know when to cut your losses and don’t wimp out in difficult situations.

7. Use this to avoid the death spiral into a useless conversation about politics 

If someone gives an opinion – no matter how absurd or wrong-headed it might be to us – give them some credit for trying to take part in the discussion even if they’re incorrect. No point in getting into a heated fight over nothing! And proceed with caution because maybe we were wrong, and they did make a good argument (for something else).

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