What is Intuition and how can we use it?

Intuition – A nine-letter word.  Not only a word but a complete world in itself.  Some call it sixth sense and a few title it as a gut feeling.  Some even refer to it as a Superpower.  But does intuition really exist?  Does it really work or is it only a minute portion of neuroscience?

There have been hundreds and thousands of theories and stories written about this phenomenon.  Even several scientific literatures has been released around this topic.  Also, a good number of movies like InnSaei, Moana, and Arrival, have been crafted and released having a fantastic mention of this topic.

Some believe in these, some do not.

But what is the truth?  Let us try to understand this tricky topic of Intuition and find out if it can really help and play a pivot role in our routine life.

Intuition: The Meaning

The dictionaries define Intuition as an ability to understand something without being backed by conscious reasoning.

To break it into much simpler terms, Intuition is an immediate perception of a truth or a fact.  It’s a feeling that propels us to what if we do or what should we choose.  And at times, rather than just being a sense, it’s a’knowing’ suggesting something is going to occur or something requires your immediate attention.

Back in time, intuition was referred as pseudo-science but not part of the real science. 

Several scholars and universities researched this topic and inferred their theories of own.  Every theory had a different perception of Intuition but a frequent inference in all of them was that instinct does exist.  It really does, in all of us.

Our brains operate two-dimensionally.  One being analytical that procedures everything based on conscious, and the other being instinctive that procedures based on the past experiences and patterns.

As an interesting fact, experts even claim that the instinctive dimension of our mind comprehends and knows the solution for our every decision long before the analytical one.  Intriguing, right?

So, can you truly gain from this in-built Power (or should we call it Superpower) of Intuition?

 A yes in bold letters!

Our mind is a wonder-maze of a gazillion things.  Some parts of it are still under research and some aren’t even touched yet.  But among its several super-abilities, Intuition has been identified and has been researched a lot upon.  We can and we should get the most out of it!

 Let us see how:-

•             Stop & Listen: Seems a simple trick?  However, it can work wonders!  Just stop and listen to what you are feeling when you are about to decide something.  Your brain will let you know what will be best for you. 

•             Trust Your Gut: We all are familiar with the term gut feeling, but can it be a truth or just an idiom in the Bible?  For sure, a reality.  Gut, also referred to as the second brain of the human body may be a great helper in decision making.  It comprises of a bunch of neurons that intimates the brain something bad or good is going to happen.  So, whenever you get that pinch in the gut when understanding something, listen to that gut feeling.  It will never disappoint.

•             Sense, Feel, Observe: Our body is sensitive to everything.  Be it a feeling of joy, a feeling of fear, or be it any other psychological feeling.  Our body sense and react to everything with an instinct.  It indicates via a raise from the heartbeat, a shiver down the spine, feeling weak at the knees, goosebumps, etc..  So, right when you are about to do something or are about to pick something and you get one such body-reaction, just pause for a minute, let that sink in, take a deep breath, and then go ahead.  Never fail to feel, feel, and observe yourself when you’re engulfed by mind-boggling conditions.

•             Be Aware, Everywhere: An active & conscious mind works well.  If you are aware enough about your surrounding and what’s encircling you, it is going to help your conscious and subconscious mind to function and comprehend well.  So, for making more precise decisions, keep yourself educated.

•             Study The People Around: We humans, express ourselves via our language, gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice, etc..  Our body language says a lot about what we feel.  For improving and improving this gift of instinct, try analyzing the folks around you.  As soon as you enable yourself with this art, you will start to understand human responses and will ultimately become better at interpreting your intuition.

Albert Einstein once said – “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We’ve created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

So, bearing this in mind, don’t forget to make the most of your that feeling of Intuition and never forget to blend and balance it with your common and logical reasoning. 

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